The history likes to repeat itself. The time has come for Milan again!

For 13 years, my professional life revolved around fashion & design, PR and broadly understood image creation. At the beginning, I was involved in fashion of big brands, but not only as someone who uses its elements to enrich my Customers’ dressing rooms – I also popularized knowledge about it and built business contacts with fashion houses and individual brands. That is why I have not only had many years of relations with Customers who value well selected clothes, boutiques and fashion houses, but also the book “The essence of fashion” which in a simple and interesting way introduces the world of great designers.

The wealth of experience in this field naturally led me further and made me wonder about working on complex image creation. I worked with freelancers, managers at the forefront of large companies and public figures. I made sure that what they look like, how they present and how they communicate with their surroundings was a coherent, consistent and well thought-out whole. I was, among others, an advisor to the President of Opole on culture and public relations. In this role, I worked with all cultural institutions to help them find interesting strategies, but also supported the person occupying one of the most prominent positions.

As a director of TVP3 Opole, I took care of the quality of the new programs I aired and introduced. I also paid a lot of attention to changing the image of the station. I conducted its promotional campaign and shaped the image of the crew by taking care of the smallest detail and using “image thinking”.

I also took care of the proper image of those who did not perform public functions and had no connection or contacts with the media. I advised and helped people who simply appreciate well-cut, classic (but not only) and timeless outfits – suitable for work, business lunch, afternoon coffee with friends, a trip to the cinema or just a weekend out of town. At the same time, they know that the way their surrounding sees them, translates into their holistic picture, which also has an impact on professional issues. They know that the image is and should be one, consistent, coherent and specific.

I have devoted more attention to each and every one of my professional activities on

Today I can offer a whole package of my skills and experience. I use my knowledge, contacts and qualifications to match a person’s vision and external image to their social and professional role, as well as their character, style or taste. I create and take care of one’s image. I also help with the preparations for public or television speeches. I take care of the client so that he is convinced that what he does, how he looks and how others perceive him is a coherent whole that works to his advantage.